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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can your team travel to my location/home/hotel/venue?
    Yes! Our team is a traveling makeup team. We are able to bring all our equipment and supplies to your location of choice. A travel fee will apply depending on your location. Most metro Detroit locations are about the same fee. Please keep in mind we do need bride plus 2 additional people to travel, or at least 4 people getting party makeup.
  • How is the travel fee calculated?
    There are several factors we considered for our "On Location Service Fee" for local brides. These include the planning and logistics of having to schedule many cities and time schedules when booking on site appointments. Allocating enough time for the travel also takes away appointment slots we could have taken clients, if we were working at our studio. There is also the milage and liablity and risk factor for driving to client's locations. We understand our clients prefer the convenient luxury of having makeup services come to them on their special day so they can avoid the stress of driving and saving time!
  • Do you travel out of state/country or for destination weddings?
    Yes. We are based in Detroit Michigan, but we are open to travel world wide. Out of area weddings are priced differently than local weddings, please contact for details. Please do keep in mind that all travel expenses, flights, and hotel must be paid for by the client.
  • Why should I book a trial?
    Bridal trials give the bride and artists a chance to discuss styles, colors, and come up with an exact look they can agree on for the big day. It also gives you a chance to see how the final look photographs and wears throughout the day. Trials will also save time during the actual day as all the consultation and questions will be answered. Overall, having the details worked out before the main day will give the bride a peace of mind as to how her exact look will be and all the finer details can be ironed out.
  • Is there a charge for bridal trials?
    There is a charge for trials as its the exact look for your wedding day. Same products will be used as well as the time needed for the look. in addition to a consulation of styles and looks that will suite you best. We try to make our trials more affordable as we feel it is sucha an important part of the final bridal look, that brides should take advantage of this!
  • How soon should I do a bridal trial?
    You can choose to do a bridal trial anytime before your wedding. Some clients choose to do a trial before booking/confirming their date to see the work and style of our artists. Most brides do a trial to come up with the exact look for their wedding and test out lip colors and eyeshadow styles. We recommend doing a trial after you have your dress so our artists can use that to come up with a complimentary makeup look.
  • Can my mother/sister/bridesmaid have a trial?
    Although not necessary for anyone but the bride to have a trial, anyone can. They can set up an appointment by clicking the “trial makeup” from our services page. They can also just set a "Party Makeup" appointment to just see our work for an event before the wedding.
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