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Standard Rates

*Please click each service on the booking page for further details

On Location Bridal Services
Services Done By Jahura Hobby 


Events Bridal



Makeup Ceremony/


Bridal Hair 




*Bridal events are $20 more if booked without a trial, as the look would take longer on the wedding day and a consultation would need to be done on the spot. This puts both bride and artist at risk of delaying the schedule and the artist from doing their best job.
Bridal services do not have to include any additional people. 

On location fee: Starting at $155* within Metro Detroit. 

If applicable, holiday fees and/or early start fees may apply.  

On Location Bridal Makeup
Done by Senior Artists (5+ yrs at JHobby Studio)

Bridal Makeup

Pre-Wedding Bridal Makeup

Bridal Hair





Bridal services do not need to include additonal people. 

Please ask to see each of our senior artist's work to see who may be the best fit for your look. The artist you do a trial with will be the only artist working on you for all your events. 

On location fee: 155* within Metro Detroit 


Bridal Trial

Bridal Makeup Trial & Consultation 

(Jahura Hobby)

Bridal Makeup Trial & Consultation 

(Senior Artist)

Bridal Hair Trial

(Jahura Hobby)

Virtual Bridal Hair/makeup







Trials can only be booked Tuesday -Thursday, 10-4pm in studio.
Trials are highly recommended as it saves time and gives you a peace of mind on the day of your wedding.
Consultation includes picking out looks from pictures, colors and coming up with a costume look best suited for your eye shape, complexion, skin type and that compliments your outfit. Hair trials will include designing hair styles for each event by looking at inspo pics and suggesting if extenstions or other accessories are needed.

Trials are held in studio. Virtual consultation is done via Zoom. 

On Location Group Services

JHobby Artist (makeup)

JHobby Artist (Hair)



 On Location Service fee will apply to all on site appointments. 

Groups: Must include at least 4 people  for on location services upon availability (if no bridal booking is included). 

On Location Service Fee: 15

Party makeup can be booked 2 weeks prior to event date. 

Still have questions? Contact us!

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